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Sipping in Style: Top Distilleries Near Canyon Lake

The Texas Hill Country is renowned not only for its stunning landscapes and charming small towns but also for its burgeoning craft beverage scene. Among the vineyards and breweries, distilleries are making a significant mark, offering unique and high-quality spirits. If you’re visiting Canyon Lake and are a fan of craft distilleries, you’re in for a treat. Here’s a guide to some of the best distilleries near Canyon Lake where you can enjoy tastings, tours, and the rich flavors of Texas-made spirits.

 Rebecca Creek Distillery

Located just a short drive from Canyon Lake, Rebecca Creek Distillery is one of the premier distilleries in the Texas Hill Country. Established in 2009, this distillery has gained a reputation for its high-quality, handcrafted spirits, including whiskey and vodka. The scenic setting and friendly atmosphere make it a must-visit.

What to Try:
– Rebecca Creek Fine Texas Spirit Whiskey: A smooth, versatile whiskey perfect for sipping neat or in cocktails.
– Enchanted Rock Vodka: A clean, crisp vodka distilled ten times for exceptional purity and taste.

Tour Experience:
– Tours and Tastings: Learn about the distillation process and enjoy guided tastings of their premium spirits.
– Live Music and Events: Check their schedule for live music events and special gatherings.

Address: 26605 Bulverde Rd, San Antonio, TX 78260

Devil’s River Whiskey Distillery

Devil’s River Whiskey Distillery is known for producing some of the finest whiskey in Texas. Their dedication to quality and craftsmanship is evident in every bottle. Situated in the heart of the Hill Country, this distillery offers a unique tasting experience that celebrates the spirit of Texas.

What to Try:
– Devil’s River Bourbon Whiskey: Rich and smooth with notes of caramel, honey, and oak.
– Devil’s River Rye Whiskey:A spicy, robust whiskey with hints of vanilla and fruit.

Tour Experience:
– Distillery Tours: Explore the distillery, learn about the whiskey-making process, and enjoy tastings.
– Whiskey Lounge: Relax in their stylish lounge and savor a variety of whiskey cocktails.

Address: 401 E Houston St, San Antonio, TX 78205

Garrison Brothers Distillery

A bit further afield but well worth the trip, Garrison Brothers Distillery is located in Hye, Texas. As the first legal bourbon distillery in Texas, Garrison Brothers has earned acclaim for its exceptional, small-batch bourbons. The beautiful ranch setting adds to the allure of visiting this award-winning distillery.

What to Try:
– Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon: Aged for robust flavor with notes of vanilla, nutmeg, and fruit.
– Garrison Brothers Cowboy Bourbon: A high-proof, uncut, and unfiltered bourbon with intense, complex flavors.

Tour Experience:
– Distillery Tours: Comprehensive tours that cover the history, production process, and tastings.
– Outdoor Patio: Enjoy bourbon tastings in a scenic outdoor setting.

Address: 1827 Hye-Albert Rd, Hye, TX 78635

Real Ale Brewing Company & Distillery

Located in Blanco, Real Ale Brewing Company has expanded its operations to include a distillery, offering a variety of spirits alongside their popular craft beers. Their commitment to quality and local ingredients extends to their distilled products, making them a great addition to the Hill Country’s craft beverage scene.

What to Try:
– Real Spirits Signature Whiskey: Crafted with care, featuring rich flavors and a smooth finish.
– Real Spirits Gin: A botanically rich gin with a perfect balance of juniper and citrus.

Tour Experience:
– Brewery and Distillery Tours: Learn about both beer and spirit production in their comprehensive tours.
– Tasting Room: Sample a variety of their beers and spirits in the relaxed tasting room.

Address: 231 San Saba Ct, Blanco, TX 78606

The distilleries near Canyon Lake offer an excellent opportunity to explore the craft spirit scene of the Texas Hill Country. Each distillery provides a unique experience, from the rich, complex flavors of fine whiskey to innovative moonshine made from local ingredients. Whether you’re a whiskey connoisseur, a vodka enthusiast, or just looking for a fun day out, these distilleries promise memorable tours, tastings, and a true taste of Texas craftsmanship. So, grab your friends, plan a day trip, and raise a glass to the exceptional spirits of the Hill Country!

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