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Fly Fishing on the Guadalupe River below Canyon Lake

The idea of fishing in Texas usually conjures up visions of largemouth bass in a lake or pulling in a red fish down along the Gulf Coast.  Most people don’t think of fly fishing in Texas Rivers.  The lower Guadalupe River is the southern most river in the US that can be fished for trout.  The article I’ve clipped below provides the history of how the Guadalupe came to be stocked with trout.  It was originally published in Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine.

Guadalupe River Fly Fishing TPWMagazine Article


So now you know how trout came to live in the Guadalupe.  Canyon Lake and Guadalupe River have several guides that provide services along both bodies of water (see below).

Action Angler
Reel Fly

Here is a really neat video of fly fishing on the Guadalupe River


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